About Us

Located in Washington, DC, Urban Capital is a boutique real estate development and investment firm.

We follow a 30-year family legacy in international real estate development and have 13 years of fine construction experience in the Washington DC area. Three years ago, we proudly started participating in the revitalization of prime and promising urban Washington DC neighborhoods through unique projects that combine elegance, quality, style and value. Our projects exceed the expectation of today’s smart city living and yield lucrative returns on investment.

We focus on acquiring distressed and aging properties in the most promising areas of Washington DC. Using the highest quality materials, we turn these old, charming properties into upscale urban retreats. Our end product properties are highly desirable for stylish Washingtonians seeking to enjoy an urban lifestyle while also investing in quality real estate.

Our investors, clients, and partners trust us because of our commitment to the following success formula:

Vast Market Knowledge: Partnering with the top-notch realtors of DC, along with our deep knowledge of the market, we conduct thorough market research and follow an intensive property- and area-specific due diligence processes in order to reduce risk and create the maximum value and return on investment for our investors, partners and clients.

Commitment to Quality: The sophistication of the fine architects and construction teams we partner with guarantee luxury urban condos with exciting, warm, and unique new interior layouts, interesting designs, and high-end finishes that deliver a “wow” factor and make us stand out from the competition.

Accountability: We stand by our clients, never compromise on quality, and assume responsibility for all our work. Our investors’, partners’ and clients’ interest in our future projects is the best testimonial to our success.

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